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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Deliveries in Edmond area Only (Check our diagram @blacksoilurbanfarm on Facebook)

There will be a $15.00 minimum for deliveries + $3.00 del. fee, purchases of $25.00 & up delivery is free.


Subscription orders will receive free delivery and a 15% to 40% discount with a minimum order of $20/ week for a four continuous weeks.


When you order "subscription" items. ***we will order for you and deliver as usual unless you notify us before the next billing cycle.


Pick-Up locations are available, when ordering put "PICK-UP" and Location in the instructions.


All microgreen varieties are grow to order and require a 12 to 14 day a turn around Microgreens have a shelf life of around 12 - 14 days.


Keep refrigerated with 35-40 F (freezing is not recommended).


We use organic seed & soil, and we grow our microgreens using organic practices (not certified).

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